Thursday, August 12, 2010

The world has changed
butterfly  to chrysalis -
lost its freedom
in the freedom it has found.

Love has changed
each day rearranging -
different than before
discarding outgrown needs'
myopic focus.

The wedding dress,
lofted now,
has lost its pristine sheen
to children's plays
but still holds the day,
an album close to hand.
It too has changed,
the treebark satin purity
taken aging in its stride
losing some shine
gaining colour
from the cream of days.

But 'so 
throughout the length of days
Thy goodness
changes never.'


Cami said...

Oh, Keith, how comforting, especially, for me to read now, as our daughter marries tomorrow..."Thy goodness changes never."

Joel said...

this would be really great to say before a wedding