Saturday, December 01, 2018

Standing on the threshold of the season

Standing on the threshold of the season,
waiting for the darkness to clear,
waiting for the travellers on their journey,
waiting for the new star to appear.
Standing midst the songs of celebration,
waiting for the dawn of that day
when the tide of time begins returning
to keep the dark of night at bay.
Standing at an inn or border crossing
waiting, always waiting, for relief
shunned or hounded by oppression,
bowed beneath the heavy load of grief.
But still we’re on the doorstep of tomorrow
still a hope, still a reason why,
still a light beyond our darkness
an answer to the prayers we cry.
Standing on the threshold of this season,
singing songs of angels and of kings
singing, always singing, for a future,
singing for the joy that singing brings.
And the song began way, way back, in glory
before the world and all created things
when the spirit sang above the waters
and the tune, like feathers, formed his wings.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

for those

 for those
My book of 'Remembrance' poetry is now published and available via the link below:
link to 'for those'

these poems plus a few others were displayed, during the 2018 'celebrations' of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1, in the concourse of the Houghton Regis library.

Monday, November 05, 2018

No armistice for Bertie

A new headstone stands
remote from the blood-red fields
and coffinned graveyards.
The gartered tree
sports your remembered name
'Bertie W. Crew':
fallen, though strangely upright
on parade with comrades
around the village green.
You ran this grass
in tag and bulldog,
leaned against this tree
on forgotten summer days
before the sting of war
took you to foreign places.
There, in a place where friend and foe
cried in accents that troubled your ear
and stumbled your tongue,
you fell in the Spring of life
to the Autumn lumberjack of combat. 

Footnote: On further research Bertie Crew of the Bedfordshire Regiment actually died in 1919 whilst serving in the 'Labour Corps' which was manned by soldiers not rated 'A1'. These were often those who had been previously injured on the battlefied. So it would appear the Bertie did actualy experience Armistice Day. He was buried in the Chapel yard of Houghton Regis Baptist Church along with Gilbert Horsler and Thomas King.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

We break bread

We break bread

We break bread and in the breaking see
a broken body for you, 
for me.
Crumbs dislodged and falling free
like sins you no longer see in me.

We share wine and in the sharing know
You’ve prepared a place for us to go
where pain and hurt and sorrow flow
purged away heaven’s glow.      

So touch our lips with that kiss of life
coming from Christ’s righteousness
and touch our lives with that peacefulness
that comes to restore,
and heal,
and bless.