Thursday, April 17, 2014

the moment that faces many ways

(for Maundy Thursday)
This is the moment that faces many ways:
A dozen men
looking backward and facing the comfort of history
the gentle remembrances
the ritual of familiar things
the benevolent God who delivers his people
a meal that speaks history in every crumb.
The promise of a new order of things
where peace and justice rule.

This is the moment that faces many ways:
A recent history, more turbulent;
the noisy exuberance on a journey into Jerusalem,
crowdly accolades and the remembrance of scriptures.
Then the storming of the fortress of the privileged;
strewing tables, scattering animals and temple coinage
in a rage that was not anger
but the raising of a flag of war.
A dozen men as uncertain of yesterday
as they are of tomorrow.

This is the moment that faces many ways:
The end of the beginning, the beginning of the end,
the promise of a tomorrow cloaked in pain and separation.
A wondrous, horrible, day
when the robber of souls claims a victory
and darkness grips its noisy festivity
in the abyss of time.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

40. After the eve

Lent has closed its eyes
at the approaching
of passion.
Alighting like a butterfly
after the eve of palm Sunday
bringing its dangerous shadows.
The waving flags of death
begin their march
as palm trees prepare their tumult,
when they cleave the air,
bunting for the King.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

39. Deep within

There’s another place
beyond the confines
of the darknesses within.
It spreads its bright compassion
in gentle sorties
upon the channelled boundary
we have built.
The duplicity of its exposure
reveals itself in all its richness
and the proof of our incarceration
in the passing of days.

Inside, deep within,
in the padlocked
privacy of knowing,
there’s another place.
Another place, untouched by time,
and the pillaging of fortune
where the pilgrim sun also rises
but never sets.

Friday, April 11, 2014

38. do not disturb

Do not disturb
the vigil at the bedroom door,
do not disturb
the quiet entry of day.
Do not disturb
the moment of thought;
do not disturb
while the mind is at play.
Do not disturb
the waking, the eyelid’s lift,
do not disturb
the end of night shift.
Do not disturb
unless there’s need
do not disturb
unless to intercede
with something
from the kitchen:
in a tin.