Thursday, December 18, 2014


The star-dance overture
choir-sung carolling
of the skies.
The mystical one light
the Son light
the new things begun light.
The nativity

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stars and angels came

                                                               They shone,
their eyes aglow with fun
and ours with tears.
And ‘twinkle’ loud
and proud
resounded in our ears.

True, the donkey strayed,
but just a bit
when all is said and done;
and it added another layer
to the wondrous
sense of fun.
Angels danced
and kings came
and livestock by the herd.
The narrators even
‘cos we heard every word. 

They shone,
their eyes aglow with fun
and ours with tears.
Christmas begins.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Dawn coming late

Dawn comes late
to the marl lake,
shielded by the weight
of chalk bastions
from early sorties.

Dawn comes late;
it doesn’t break here
but tumbles in its rising
like a morning psalm,
chanted by fieldfares.

Yawning awake,
the lake shines its face
to the tardy sun,
its surface rhythming
in the waking breeze.

Though I am alone
in witness
this is not loneliness
but soulitude.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Deep calls to deep

Deep calls to deep
the imprint of God upon the ghost of spirit,
a watermark in virgin paper,
a tincture of a whisper
from creation’s nativity.

We too bring gifts to the child –
the twisted gold tinsel
crown for a king,
fragrant candle
for a deity,
the romantic fairytale
an antiseptic for reality.

This is a death and entrance,
a lower case alpha and omega,
the bracketed phrase
in the sentence of eternity.

This is no stable
mucked out and sterile
but God among
the droppings
of mankind.