Tuesday, January 17, 2017

just holding hands

Just holding hands,
just the distance of touch,
just the absence of moments
in the rush of other peoples day.
Unwasted instants
shared, companiable,
unthrilled but impassioned
naked, unlusted,
unchained by desire,
just holding hands.
Just holding hands,
inadequate yet enough,
sufficient for the moment
of the closed eyes.
The semenal migration
of mutual concern,
unteared for the moment,
winged yet in the wings
for a different act
when curtained night
walks the ward
with the unholding.
Just holding hands
just holding
beyond touch,
beyond the sensation
of skin on skin
beyond the tingled mingled closeness
of shared space
the silent intercourse
of just holding hands.

Monday, January 16, 2017

in absentia

in absentia I hold your lonely hand

as sleep comes
I visit your fingers
and touch silkly soft
skin on skin
my fingerprint
on your dreams
in absentia
my open palm
embraces without prison
in absentia
my thumb strokes
your palm
all the passion
in the world
finds its home
as sleep comes
my lonely hand
seeks its mate
as sleep comes
my lonely hand
seeks its mate

Sunday, January 15, 2017

a thousand kisses

And when you wake
from ill-sought sleep,
from the sport of
unbidden dreams,
I would be there
to sing you
the anaesthesia of love.

But I am not
and the songs you hear
are the garnish of commotion
in the cloak of pain.

I would I were
the bringer of release,
the keys to the prison
that holds you now,
but I bring only
a thousand kisses
and a thousand beyond
to make your sentence lighter.

I would kiss your fingertips
Your brow, your eyes,
your smile, your lips.
I would paint your breath
with kisses
as the world returns
and have you know
that all I have
to brush you gentle