Saturday, September 24, 2016

There are stairways

                                                                                                        There are stairways,
                                                                              like kisses,
                                                                                       that reach beyond reach -
                                                                                         that touch the very vastness of love.
                                        There are kisses,
                     like stairways,
                     that lead beyond sight -
                 never sufficient, never enough.
                                                          There are kisses for ‘up’,
                                                  there are kisses for ‘down’
                                         there are stairs of obsession
                                 that lead to your frown;
                        there are kisses that lighten
                like stars in the night
      and stairways of darkness
that obliterate light.
      And a thousand stepped tomorrows
                                       with choices to make,
                                with kisses as lanterns to guide.
                                              A thousand kissed footsteps
                                                                     and unsteady steps
                                                  and a thousand more stairways untried.
                                                                                             There are kisses
                                                                                                               like kisses
                                                                                                   and stairways
                                                                                          just stairs
                                                                              we must tread them both softly
                                                                     with wide open eyes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dawn broke

Dawn broke this morning
crashing the yawning light
with timpani choirs
of a thousand
wing├Ęd voices,
colouring the clouds with sound
and the gentle
undulating breathing
of a body close to mine.
From dawn’s broken perfume jar
the ointment of light
across the pillow 
with its sweet revealing.

Monday, September 19, 2016

a peek at autumn

We have a peek at autumn:
leaves commence their chameleon
changeling disguises
as the thermometer slides.
Rustling breezes
begin the round-up
as the season
stretches its sinewy fingers
to clap its hands with colour
in the shadow of summer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The heavens are tainted with your signature,
your speedy snail trail lingering
in the morning stillness.
The glorious canvas
becomes a voting card
for your polluting illiterate cross,
scrawled in white.
It was not my vote;
I did not agree,
I gave no permission
for your intrusion,
you have stolen my sky.
The vapour invades
with insidious, odious
until the morning reclaims
its space.