Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fleet and Lovely

And this is love
fleet and transitory
in its constant changefulness,
fleet and lovely
in the novelties of its changing.

This is love,
not brittle with age
and inflexibility
encamped around a besieged hill,
but momentary
with the etherea of eternity.

This is love
wingēd and visiting,
drawn by nectar
painted with pollen -
a promise,
a loan,
an experiment
in being.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Heavy silence

The heavy silence of poppies,
like Autumn leaves,
litters our lives.
We, who are ‘young’,
have tears for our world
embattled by the unknowing
wisdom of ignorance.
The bugle call of remembrance
pierces hushed reverence
while the noisy commotion of reality
injures our dreams.
No treaty was signed today,
no peace broke out,
the shackles of conflict maim and kill,
no children of war sleep safe.
Conflict and argument abide with me,
deaths sting endures the ages,
morning’s sunrise will be red as ever
as we, the undead, mourn.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Farewell (for Leonard Cohen)

Farewell (for Leonard Cohen)

Farewell to your song
and sad melody
poetman of melancholy joy.
Lost loves             
Suzanne, Marianne,
will greet you at the gates of the soul,
in the tower of song
that you hallelujahed
for so long.
You took Manhattan,
you took the world
and at your closing time
you leave us for the journey.
We are grateful
for your incurable love
and the dice you threw
that won with words
the emotions of our lifetimes.
The moon will be too bright tonight
the sun will be in shade of tears
as we alone this waltz will take
word-dancing our tangoed years.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Spring’s children,
orphans now,
lie in carpets of gold and copper
fallen in the battle of Autumn.
Trees raise
red flags
of surrender
against the dusk of skies.
poppies leap
on lapels
for other orphans
of other battles
of other Autumns.