Friday, April 29, 2016

I've kissed

I’ve kissed your feet,
I’ve kissed your hands,
I’ve kissed your eyes and ears.
I’ve kissed your smile
I’ve kissed your frown
and I’ve kissed away your tears

I’ve kissed you in the morning
with sleep dust in your eyes,
and in the tired evening
under woven sunset skies.

I’ve kissed you as a child,
I’ve kissed as a man.
I’ve kissed in need of nurture
and I’ve kissed where life began.

I’ve kissed you in the knowing
and, when you were unaware,
on the pillow while you were sleeping
I’ve kissed your flowing hair.

I’ve kissed you
when I’ve missed you
though you were not there.
And I’ll kiss you again tomorrow
unless night steals you away
and even then, in sorrow,
I’ll kiss you through the day.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

the light of another world

Light travels coloured pathways,
painting the walls
and luring thoughts
to meander
in their bathing.
Time stands still,
at attention for a span,
while we lose ourselves
in the incense
of refraction.
This is the light
of another world,
interpreted by a window,
creating abstracts on the wall
cascading its ghosts
with ethereal hand.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A birthday card for the bard

Of grave concern
and the drama of life
on the 23rd
April day.
The comedic tragedy
of words
jewel bardic crown
with the glister of fairies
and heroic soliloquy.
The hubble-bubble
of a melding pot
and the birth of phrases:
of course, of course
the players
have their day.


Paths beyond and in-between
where feet have followed
the trails of time.
Paths around and alongside
the naked trees
dusted in the dreams of white.
Paths of footprints;
the tired walking of dogs.
Paths of paw prints:
playful canines
and cold-slowed walkers.
Paths of journeys
of those
whose paths they are.