Tuesday, July 19, 2016

scavenger of souls

In the midnight
dark-light silences
the scavenger of souls
claims his kill.
When rampant roaring
sounds its bugle clarion
the scavenger of souls
grinds his mill.
And the black dog roams
the avenues
and unmade roads’
with weighty taunts
and chain linked goads,
baring his teeth
to unguarded psyche
the good, the bad
In no sense 
are there innocents. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Me or You

Who lit the candle ?
Whose careful kindling
set the spark upon the wick
igniting the light
to lick,
to kiss,
to adventure
into the darkness.

Who lit the candle ?
Whose tender compassion
sought solace for a friend
colours their dark
to send,
to mend,
with fostered care.

Who lit the candle ?
Whose tears of ignition
conjured, for a moment,
a lighted pathway,
none before was mapped.

Who lit the candle ?
Who started the conversation ?
Me or You.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You open like a flower

I am a moth,
trapped in
soft candle-light,
caged by the siren
of nature.

Then you open like a flower
to my dewy morning;
your petal-folds
an origami
its enticement.

We sup together
the nectar of entanglement
and the burst of sunlight.

Intimate in concert,
we steal
mutual benefice
and forfeit breath,
in the robbing grip
of waves.              

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

That one prayer

That one prayer,
shaming the universe,
makes the sun stand
to attention.
That one prayer,
lighting a dark corner,
makes the world change
for the voiceless.
That one prayer,
in a deep silence,
echoes in eternity
finding the creator.
That one prayer,
small and lonely
in our conversation of life,
is heard.
That one prayer,
that one pray-er,
that one.