Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ceramic poppy

Ceramic poppy arrived Jan 2015
From hundreds of thousands of comrades,
once proudly at attention,
dispersed as demobbed troops
it is solitary now.
A seed of remembrance
planted in new soil
like fallen troops
in foreign fields.

Petals, red as lips,
that will neither speak
nor bless another with a kiss.
Its steel stem
like so many family trees.
Petals, red as fresh blood,
gather the raindrops
like machinegun fire
and the fallen

Though I have no memories,
I will remember.
Though I have no ties,
I will connect.
Though I have no grief,
I will sorrow.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Covenant: Unequal partners

Covenant: unequal partners.

We do not come as equal partners
to this commune of peace,
this axis of eternity,
as year and life turn again.
Neither do we come
clothed in the chains and shame
of the vanquished or enslaved,
for we were not commanded here.
The might and power of Him who created
all from nothing,
universes from void,
does not demand our presence.
We are drawn here by a Father’s love,
by the breath of life spoken into dust.
We are invited here by a brother’s sacrifice
when all else had fallen upon closed souls.
Pain-filled sin is healed herein
by comforter and friend;
the only scar left in the passing -
a signature on the outstretched hand
of God.
This pact of peace,
this restoring act of covenant,
this indelible love
written on the fragile parchment
of fallible hearts,
is the autograph
of Spirit.

Friday, January 02, 2015

an icy heart

Jack Frost leaves an icy heart -
his signature in the shallows,
a frosty glaze upon the water,
and a lover’s bite in the air.
He has passed this way
coating the puddles
with his chilling breath;
they become fragile
in his wake,
his bandit love
the thief of their liquidity.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year 2015

New Year begins its shining,
unsullied by footfall,
quiet as night;
and the waking of birds
brings a new song
to be sung.