Friday, February 16, 2007

You have not died

You have not died

The mighty has fallen
victim of drought,
and heavy handed winter wind,
the tight embrace of gravity
coupled in the crime.

You do not claw the sky now
nor will spring bare its green children
upon your branches
nor birds feather nests in cuddling twigs .

In daylight revelry you will be sung aloud
child topiarists sculpting your branches
scavenging for swords and lances;
climbing your fake-mountain,
riding imaginary rapids on your trunk-canoe.

As evening ambushes the day,
the shuffling of small animals will give you a quiet voice
in place of those lofty breezey, dancing, whispers
that you once shared.

You have not died but moved on to another life.


Cami said...

This picture, literally and in words, is magical...something out of nothing, and then nothing to something, the reality of hope for every life.

Hannah Goldsmith said...

Yes, once again your picture adorns the words just as your words adorn the picture...