Thursday, February 08, 2007

snow tracked passage

Snow tracked passage,
avenue of flurried dream,
trodden pathway
white laden;
cold to foot
warm to heart.
So many perversities imprint
marring stains
make known their passing.
Unmasked travel announces each footfall,
placing shadows in their wake.
I have walked this way,
my signature written in boot-mark
reveals every detoured motion
from the straightest path.
Each detracted step
etched into the frozen canvass
a fingerprint of journey.

These will fade
slushed and wasted
to puddled mud.

My marring stains do not fade.
They are written in blood
etched in pain.
Separation drips incessantly
in their non-cleansing thaw.
They will not be covered
in the hiding of another snowfall
but await the laundering ministration
that comes
after the words
“Father forgive”.


Cami said...

Wow, Keith, stirringly poignant.

Rita L. Betti said...

Your photography is nearly as good as your poetry. I'm so glad our Savior's prints are eternal and will not melt with the snow nor be blown away by the wind. Thank you for that lovely reminder.

Sue Talbot said...

Double Wow Keith...Every one of your poems is breathtaking. I aspire to put words together subtly like that to glorify the Lord. Thank you for sharing your work. Are the photos your work too?
Wonderful! Sue

Sue Talbot said...

Double Wow...your work is breathtaking. Enjoyed your site and look forward to reading more.
Thank you for glorifying the Lord with your sensitive words.

Sue Talbot said...

Double WOW...Your work is wonderful! Do you take the photos too? I aspire to writing poetry like yours that is well done, creative, and glorifies the Lord.

Keith said...

The photos are mostly takn on a small digital camera - so the words can be associated very quickly with the pictures. I don't always work that way though, sometimes I'll go back to a photo and let my imagination take over from an oblique point of reference.

Francine said...

Keith ... awesome ... just awesome. Visiting your blog renews my love of the Creator's creation.