Monday, August 21, 2006

the tide of man

photo: Deal, Kent

The tide of man from work to home,
an entirety of haste
controlled by time’s dictat,
shapes each moment.
From this viewpoint,
the pier, an umbilical cord
both feeds and separates.

Shimmering waters pulse in frenetic glister
challenging the return journey
a gauntlet thrown, a warning posted.
The ebb and flow of the faceless
beyond the bridged gulf
a distant reminder
that this is a temporary haven.

Those toysome buildings are the reality,
this gusty standpoint merely a retreat.
Yet this place too is an exposure,
a blustering buffet
of another kingdom
beyond the touching and bruising
of me and mine.

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Rulan said...

Hi Keith. I saw that you had visited David's (curm) blog, so I thought I'd come and say hello.
Cool blog you have. Great poems and photos. Keep up the good work.