Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My heart in silence

My heart in silence
My heart in silence humbly cried
the scene before - a wounded side
thorny crown and crucified.
No faded communion this
no winey blood nor half-baked body
no hiding place for self-pity
nor shield for rose-tinted eyes.
Thorny crown and crucified
the scene before - a wounded side,
my heart, in silence,
humbly cried.
And hears your words
Father forgive.


jel said...


Keith said...

I must confess that the first line was set as a challenge by a friend.

jel said...

I do belive you met the challenge!

Cami said...

Oh, how lovely...I'm am enjoying your poetry so much; it incites the God-beauty of Christ in my mind and spirit.

Carol said...

My heart in silence...Superb,Wow,that is so beautiful...