Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stone remembrance

Stone remembranceA pock-marked slab
for remembrance.
A rustling place for bird and scamper of darting mice,
a gentle breeze directing the hymnology of leafy choir.
We stand silent,
at attention before a stoic cross,
saying simply here was death
visiting us,
an uninvited guest.
The addresses, our residences for a span,
racked by lichen and rainy acid scratch
betraying now no hard fought victories
nor easy sin.
Vacant canvasses left behind,
smote clean by year’s erosive journey;
new pages for these souls
beyond time’s limiting embrace.
This is no “resting place”
this embarkation lounge for tired humanity
returning to the potter’s clay.


jel said...

Man you are good!
God has really Blessed you with that fine gift there!

kaz jimmy said...

a wonderful poem, keith. and the picture is lovely, exactly the kind of picture i had in mind when i initially read your poem on "CW". God bless.

Francine said...

Keith ... once again I'm inspired when I visit your blog. God has blessed you and, in so doing, blessed others by the weaving of word with your art.

Thanks for your willingness to share both.

I.I. said...

Ah, now the "stoic cross" makes sense -- ignore the comment on the CW board!

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

You’ve a lovely blog here. I enjoyed this and the other poems very much. Keep up the great writing, my brother.

Carol said...

Keith, I just love the way you write and this photo so fits...very inspiring.