Sunday, August 20, 2006

seeing without looking

seeing without looking

I see
your handiwork in the flight of bees,
the witness of wind moved trees
and the tumult of restless seas.

I see
your ingenuity in a plethora of plants,
the rainbowed colour of a starling
and the newness of each day.

I see
your touch of blessing
in the eyes of a child,
a hand of comfort,
and the life of a friend.

I see
your love in the making up of enemies,
the recovery of the sick,
and sometimes in the gentle arms of death.

I can see
your friendly shadow
as I walk in your light,
and its absence when I tread
in mocking darkness upon forbidden paths.

I can even see
you in the mistakes I make
when I learn their lessons
and grow in their wake.

But it’s when I close my eyes
that I see you most clearly;
creation is filtered away
the creator.


I.I. said...

nice way to focus us on the Creator and not on creation itself, as beautifual as it can be.

jel said...

very cool!