Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Goose sense

Goose sense

A moments care distracts,
grazed beaks turn,
light blinds the shade.
Here we protect our space
each blade and leaf
a conquest.
What holds our stare,
what sounds alert fidgety feathers
and woven toes ?
You do.
You are the intruder
among the dropping and detritus
of this gathered gaggle.
Yours is the footfall out of place,
the broken twig of pathless travel,
the breath that tastes of flesh.
And if we hiss and spit and flurry,
if we spite and sputter;
it is for you we give this accolade
our fanfare
to the friend of malevolence
the uncaretaker of a fruitful earth.

1 comment:

I.I. said...

any use of "detritus" rates a thumbs-up from me; my all-time favorite word.