Tuesday, July 18, 2006

everything waits

Everything waits.

A moment snatched from time
captured between breaths
and tide’s return.
Last gasp ambush of gawking gull
on scuttling crab.
Precarious gradients
of exposed keels
trapped in silty alignments.

Everything waits.

This is mere snapshot.
The tide will never return here,
the boat will never float free of its
forced predicament,
nor the opportunist gull find its meal.

This is a silence
neither gentle lapping
nor flacking lanyard
can penetrate,
there is no soundtrack.

This is life on hold
a near death experience
awaiting resuscitation
in memory.

1 comment:

K. Jimmy said...

you have a wonderful way of painting a picture (or should i say "sculpting") with your words, Keith! God bless.