Monday, July 31, 2006

an easement of the day

an easement of the day

Touched embracing,
triggered from so far away;
interlaced moon pull,
wind push and ship shapes,
the gentle tickle of refreshment
on a summer evening
plays symphonies
upon a parched soul.
The slipping of sand
trickles thoughts away.
Tomorrow, a desert,
more distant than the planets,
has no draw
on this moment.
Each returning wash
a wave of goodbye
an easement of the day.


K. Jimmy said...

oh this makes me miss the ocean! it's lovely, keith! is that your daughter or wife or someone you know in the picture?
this is karen jimmy (aitak from christian writers). on guernsey scot's recommendation i came over to check out your blog. i've only read this one poem so far but i like it and relate to the sentiment! i lived in queensland (australia) for several years and much of that time was lived at the beach and now, back in country new south wales, i really miss the ocean- especially that experience of the ocean's cleansing, healing, calming power you describe in your poem. nice work!

Keith said...

It's the wife !

Rulan said...

I love the ocean, always have. Your poem brings the sea within reach. Way cool.