Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The last light of the year

31st December 2013

The heavy lidded curtain is dropping,
the last light of the year
burning out
behind the rooftops
and the hasty cosmetics
of the partygoers begin their labour.

Palette cleansing
the washed out darkness
of shadows claims these moments
and the hush of birds
heralds a sense of expectancy.

The last of the hours
tick away the moments to ‘launch’
when unfamiliar friends
will greet each other
at the ‘lift-off’
with unholy kisses
leaving a vapour trail
of stale alcohol.

First-footing of returning home
to undo the revelry of the evening
and the greeting, on the morrow,
of an undiscovered country.
Time passes.
The requiems begin.

1 comment:

Richard Hubbard said...

Brilliant, Keith. And I love the accompanying photo! Made me wish, instead of sitting at my 'compooter', I'd gone out and said "Fairwell!" to the last of the light of 2013... Ooops! Now I'm getting maudling and I haven't touched a drop of the hard stuff yet!! ;-)