Monday, February 01, 2010

to be in black

To be in black

To be in black on the Lord’s day.
A dry and arid place
when the oasis is in sight
but held at a distance
by circumstance and happenstance
twin dictators of mood and heart.
To be in black on the Lord’s day
In a walled room devoid of light,
cringing within shadowed soul
wounds weeping
a hearts cry away from God.
To be in black on the Lord’s day.
When all the screams of life
deafen in tidal flood
blind in binding fear.
A dumb breath-sucked vacuum
where life is somewhere else
where reality is a God away
and these limbs are useless to move me there.
To be in black on the Lord’s day.
When the spirit battles to say its yes
to all things good and love-cared
and somehow falls under the weight of effort.
To be in my dark room seeing your light
its single ray stretching to me
And the heart makes its cry
on the Lord’s day.


Faith Imagined said...

Another powerful and beautifully written post!

The Unknowngnome said...

Your photograph is absolutely stunning and it fits your words completely.

The silhouetted vanishing point perspective of the tree with its inverted shadowings seems to be vanishing into a "dumb breath-sucked vacuum".

Very nice.

Doug Blair said...

In his light we see light. Press on with poetry, Keith. It is as incense sprinkled upon the burning grate. Doug Blair (