Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't look for me

Don't look for me

Don't search for me
in grey clouds and Autumn rain,
biting winds
and bitter moments.
Don't look for me
through distorting tears,
unfinished conversations
and vague 'if onlys'.
You'll find me
veiled in the phrasing of a gentle tune
or stirring anthem.
I'll surprise you
within the hint of an aroma
passing by on the breeze
or the subtle hue
on some abstract canvas.
I'll whisper remembrance
hidden in the punch line of joke
or the feathered touch
of a stranger in a crowd.
You'll know me
in the secret smile
that crosses your heart.


The Unknowngnome said...

Kudos. Another wonderful poem and pic.

Jerry R. O'Neill said...

Keith, did you know my wife of nearly 40 years died very suddenly a week ago Tuesday? I will turn to this poem again.

Please keep my two daughters and me in your prayers.

Grateful for you friendship and kin spirit,

Anonymous said...

I appear to be a sort of poetry vagabond today; checking out so many wonderful sites I did not know about.

I found your blog from a site called Vine and Fig. He uses pictures with his poems as well. I have never done that. I was wondering if you pick the picture first or write the poem and then find a photo for it.