Thursday, October 08, 2009

Leaf upon leaf

Leaf upon leaf

Leaf upon leaf
golden gem upon crimson brother
the finery of Autumn
drips from weeping trees.
A regal carpet mantles the ground,
for a while,
then begins the cycle of decay.

Wind gathers them in huddlings,
the scattering laughter of children
blasts their dispersion.
A spun web of frost consolidates
painting new hues
upon their background canvas.

The residue of veiling greenery
to graven soil
will return
in its cycle.

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Cami said...

Keith, I finally added rss feed to my email inbox, and now I can get your postings automatically...I say this to say, even if I don't pop on to comment all that often, I just want you to know that reading your poetry is like a spiritual oxygenation for me; I am instantly rejuvenated to think of the beauty and realities of God's works in the life and living all around me. Thank you so much, God bless you!