Monday, September 21, 2009

A wonder

A wonder

A wonder to behold - the blues and hues
where sky melts into sea in distant covenantual arc.
There is an unseen beyond,
though earth’s arched back cloaks it from view,
like tomorrow from this moments passing vantage,
or faith and hope one step ahead of experience.
In quiet contemplation
creation imposes its own spectacle
drawing the eye
claiming the thoughts.
And from this tower, distanced for a while
from the clamorous affliction of time,
design seduces the attentive machinations
of a wondering mind.
God speaks.


Jerry said...

You write the kind of verse that I enjoy the most. When thoughts of heaven can be incorporated, it is especially delightful.

Jerry R. O'Neill said...

Keith, I have been away from my blog too long! Your pictures and writing are such a treat.

I have been putting practically all my spare time into learning how to do digital recording in my home studio. I have bought new equipment and software and slowly but surely have begun to put my creative juices into recording music.

I hope to put some new work up on my blog again soon. Please stay in touch.