Friday, March 06, 2009

night may come

night may come

The day song is closing,
its sad melancholy and bursts of joy
becoming yesterday;
a marching band of shadows
ambushes the palette.
Dark brass gathers for crescendo.
A battleground of muted colour
bleeds farewell.
A fire of red washes,
a blazing goodbye
as the curtain closes.

The conducting hand of God
sweeps crimson and carmine strokes
behind the barrage of sinister clouds.
Night may come
but behind momentary cloud
and time challenged night
Light still rules.

This ruddy, bloody, vista
testament to that other horizon
when another darkness
tore another curtain.
God’s sunset reminder:
night may come
but darkness has no dominion.

1 comment:

conarnold said...

This is so hauntingly beautiful! It paints a wonderful word picture and reaches down into the soul. I'm so glad I've discovered your blog!