Thursday, February 26, 2009



Where timeless
praise entertains days
and love-filled lives
bloom and never fade,
where warmth and comfort
clothe and keep
and fellowship spreads
like an Autumn blanket of gold.

Where you and I and us and them
are one in wonder
won in joy
and all, it seems,
is illuminescent light.
Where no shade or shadow
hides ambushing hateful hurts
nor greed nor pride
need constant feed.

Where all imagination's tides
fall short of reality
and ‘You are’ becomes ‘I AM’,
the passing curtain lifted
reveals worship unconfined.

Let's all raise our candle
and celebrate light
a flickering festival
of hopefilled delight.
Tiny flames joining
together as one,
a lighthouse lantern;
illuminant Son.

1 comment:

Cami said...

I may have said this before about something you've written...but Keith, this is the most beautiful message and telling...I am so filled with hope reading it, His love and the encouragement of Truth - Who He Is, and what Life really means because of Him. Thank you so much.