Friday, February 06, 2009


photo: All Saints Churchyard 6th Feb 2009
As the soul dust settles
upon the sleeping dead
the world turns monotone
and quietness
shrouds the drowning voice of day.

The cloud laden ground
hides its bounty.
Ron Davies died 1949,
headstone fallen 2007,
waits in ambush
for unwary footfall.
All undulating pathways
ironed out and whitewashed
like history
or writers block.

There are no footprints here,
the trodden pathways are blotted out
death has a way of doing that.


Anonymous said...

Love your images...I never thought of snow as the new white board but how true it is. And with every snow fall, new learning does take place.

Gabriel Gadfly said...

Keith, I love the final line in this piece.