Thursday, October 09, 2008


photo: Churchyard on Lindisfarne


Forgotten people leave headstones in my life.
Engravings of joy and sorrow
mark their passage
in crevasses of remembrance.
Some bring summer sunshafts
into dismal days;
friends who come, open and in welcome,
bringing encouragement in unwrapped parcels.
Some bring curtains of darkness
to ambush bright moments;
enemies in disguise and deception,
cloaked hurt and harm.
There are legions of headstones
in the graveyard of the past
their inscriptions in bright relief
or weathered to insignificance.
Each short-circuited
stab of history, my story,
carries its gift or tax in sudden hand.
Each holds yesterday, informs today,
releases or holds hostage the day to come.


The CBU Team said...

Wow. What incredible pictures showing the wondrous beauty of God. This is a very inspiring blog that you have.

Cami said...

Oh, Keith, I should have found this and read it the day you posted it; it would have been a wonderful birthday gift to myself. : ) But it's just as good today, as it is another one of my favorites now, I'll have to say!