Friday, August 22, 2008



Life is stones.
Fleeting instants of sand grain;
momentous boulders of significance.
Manoeuvring tides and winds adjust positions
pressing this against that, good against bad,
exposing flaws,
easing rough edge to gentle curve,
exploiting conglomerate
with exploring touch.
Uneven, multi facetted moments
clamour together
etching, smoothing.
Beauty lies, not within conformity,
but in the infinity of difference
allowing one experience to inform another:
a perpetual dance
partners changing and interplaying
as random as eternity.
The boulder of today refined by sand to pebble,
pebble to stone,
stone to sand:
today’s significant moments
becoming simple agents of change.
So God rubs me
I burst with chastening,
fierce edges polish
to forgiving silken arc.
And if today’s edges hurt
or wound you with their bite,
in time those teeth will soften
and tomorrow
I may kiss instead.

1 comment:

Cami said...

Truth. This poem is truth! Oh, I love it! I am so encouraged by the analogy, SO significant to realize!