Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A big IF

A big IF

If I turn my back on the vastness,
shade my eyes from infinite sky,
ignore the shingled tingled
feeling at my feet;
If my hands could touch another’s
for safekeeping, or could fly,
despite all troubled struggle
life would be complete.
Outstretched hands are but a breath away
and the water is not deep,
and all that quaking shaking
fearfulness will keep.


Cami said...

Gosh, Keith, this just so touchingly illustrates our need for one another, as God made us; to have real and true loving, helpful relationships in our lives. It is the model of God's love and purposes for His fellowship with us. We cannot go it alone.

Elaine said...

It is amazing how much your photos further illustrate your poetry. The child's hands held as they are hint at doubt, fear and yet the desire to fly. I laughed at first to see him in such oversized pants, but sometimes we too are too little for our britches when we limit God to our size.

Hannah said...

I must remember to come here more often! This is adorable! Another success from the Wallis pen!