Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who killed Jesus ?

Who killed Jesus ?
said the crowd
with our Hosanna, Hosanna
crusanna, crusannify, crucify.
said the priests
with our blood and millstones,
rules and egos.
said the authorities
with our strength and threats,
laws and punishments.
said I
with my eyes closed
and face turned away.
said Satan
with judgement
and satisfaction.
said God
with tears and a promise
and a broken heart.
"I watched him die".


Cami said...

The goosebumps have still not left my arms as I type...I have to add this to my favorites.

Connie Gilbert said...

I sure don't know why I haven't been here sooner, Keith. It's a place to reflect, refresh & restore. I especially like this- both the picture & the words. I have to reply with "I" also with great sadness & tears, but also with the joy of knowing why He died.
Thanks, Keith.
Connie (cgee)

Hannah said...

Almost too painful to read but I got thru it...

Would you consider "...and I watched him die"...?