Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral (May 2008)

Alone but not solitary
I lift my eyes within these silent walls
that speak of love
to the dumb rafters
which shield the majesty of sky.
All that glisters is not God
but He is here,
beyond the gilt and decoration,
in the remembered prayers of years.

These walls remember him or her
‘lost at sea’, ‘departed this life’
or simply ‘died’;
requesting a thought from pilgrim,
or transient passer by,
generations late.

But, listen,
there is no silence in this silence,
there is the taste of crowded prayers,
smiles and tears,
wounded or grateful
that ghost without haunting.

Then, the echo of a raising latch
heralds respectful feet,
quiet voices recount guidebook words
as the glossy kiss of shoes percussion
and steal this lack of silence.


Cami said...

"that ghost without haunting"

I have been a.w.o.l. from the Lindenville Cafe for longer than I realized--and now I get to catch up on your beautiful thoughts, Keith! God bless you!

Francine said...

Oh Keith ... what beautiful words and stunning photo. Like Cami, I've been so busy doing so many other things. The photo and words remind me of many of the cathedrals we visited in Europe.

Just simply stunning, my friend.