Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lest we forget

Lest we forget….

Christmas night:
when stable door creaked its blessing upon holy child.
Christmas night:
when angels sang
and we, as stranger-shepherds, stood amazed.
On Christmas night:
when all the words of truth and light flooded into history,
the cockerel crowed
as it always did.


Cami said...

Ohhhhh..."Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever"..."the cockerel crowed"; the Father knew what was to come that Starry night, as we, "stranger-shepherds, stood amazed." But it all happened anyway--what amazing Love--and now we look upon well-dressed trees, like your beautiful grandbaby is in this photo, and hopefully, we understand.

Maxine said...

He came on an ordinary needy people. And He'll come again. Blessings to your family for the holiday season as we remember this holy child once again, with thankfulness.