Thursday, December 06, 2007



Still some weeks off ‘til glory day,
child and manger, God and hay.
Angels, shepherds, gifts and kings
wait impatient in the wings.
And me and mine ? What of us ?
Do we engage in all this fuss,
or do we, as we ought to do
use this time to prepare for You.


Francine said...

Keith ... I absolutely love this photo. And the poem is so apropriate for all of us.

You are gifted, my friend.


Rita L. Betti said...

Love this little poem. What a great message. Thanks.

Cami said...

I simply HAVE to study Advent! This poem clinches it! (And what a pretty tree!)

Carol said...

I Love this poem too, Keith, and wow your tree look soooooo beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us..