Wednesday, October 03, 2007

They do not sing as I sing

They do not sing as I sing

They do not sing as I sing,
their jumbled song
a burble of contorted face.
Their rainbow thought
bumbled, tumbled down
a chaotic assault
on alternative reality.

They do not dance as I dance,
their semaphore waving
unintended cacophony
explosions of pleasure.

They do not sing as I sing
but their eyes
are symphonies of joy.
(Thoughts after attending a harvest festival at the school for children with special needs which
grandson Connor attends.)


Cami said...

Those that do not sing as we sing show us what is important about our lives...I get so overwhelmed thinking about how the world just looks at the outsides of people, when it is the spirit that matters. Praise God for your grandson, and for all those we love that "do not sing as we sing."

Carol said...

Wonderful Keith..I also get overwhelmed when I hear those who do not "sing as we sing"..I have a nephew who is 30 he has cerebral Palsy, he cannot read or write and very rarely does he converse, but you know, when he sits down at a piano he plays the sweetest music, which brings tears to our eyes..he taught himself by listening to his mother and sisters..