Friday, September 07, 2007

Just a word

Just a word.

Just a word
between unequal friends,
a tear-filled appointment
of emotion and care.
The rainbow light
from crafted glass
parabled portrayal
of Your feathered,
careful, touch.
The parent care
of Father and mother
meeting in prayered hallow,
a conversation
of unworded grief,
the deepest
sighing of spirit.
Just a word.
A moment spent at altar rail
which knows
so many visits,
so many moments,
so many sighs of soul.
The spousal care
of Groom and wife
face to hidden face
in holy apprehension.

I see Your care,
I can see your care.


Cami said...

"Just a word between unequal friends...A moment spent at altar rail...I see Your care, I can see your care."

That everyone would know the strength of His love, the Solace of all sorrow. Thank you, Keith.

Maxine said...

"Face to hidden face" is my favorite part, Keith. And the altar rail where there have been so many "sighs of soul." A precious place indeed. Where would we be without the altar,even if it's our living room.