Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And the walls cry out

photo: Lindisfarne Priory 2007 And the walls cry out

Gnawing wind scours artwork
into hallowed walls,
Edvard Munch mimicked
by time and tided season:
a silent ‘scream’
within hushment
of abbey bulwark.

’even the stones cry out’
Sculpted praise
in mute wonder:
mason’s work
revealing a surprise bequest
crafted by the Master mason.

Abbot, priest, brothers all
have passed, are past,
recalled to dust and ash.
We walk this way
in remembrance,
washed in the prayer of centuries,
the plain chant of wind and rain,
the pilgrimage of faith.


Cami said...

This sonnet and the inspiring photograph gives me goosebumps. "Even the stones cry out."

Francine said...

Keith, your work, both in word and photo, should be on display somewhere so others might be moved by how God has gifted you. This is more than an awesome coupling.

rcloenen-ruiz said...

this is lovely, Keith.