Friday, June 01, 2007

I wonder

I wonder

Caught in wonder with wandered thoughts
imprisoned in incommunication’s walled embrace.
You search with unencumbered eyes
and noble novelty.
What meandering contemplations
fill your senses ?
Touch and smell jostle
with your gazing concentration,
a jumble of questions
form but remain locked inside.


Cami said...

The sonnet makes me think of my little bird, and what is in her mind. The photo makes me think of a little Keith! : )

Keith said...

The photo is of my grandson Connor who has cerbral palsy.

Cami said...

He's a lovely boy, and I will keep his health in my prayers.

Maxine said...

I'm sure Connor is a blessing to you--this sonnet is so sweet. It captures how wonderful grandchildren are to us.

Carol said...

Both the sonnet and the photo of you grandson are beautiful. I'll keep Connor in my prayers. My brother has a son who is almost 30 who has Cerebal Palsy.He has been such a joy and inspiration to all our family.