Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who else ?

Who else

Who else would touch a fading bloom
with refreshing teardrops,
an enhancing dignity,
a delight to the eye ?

Who else would crown a head,
Its thinning hair beyond its prime,
in silver-grey ?

Who else would paint Autumn leaves
in regal reds and golds ?
Their parting waves a crescendo of colour
when skies are dour and threatening.

Who else would lay hands on a simple meal
making it a foretaste of heaven
to heal and restore ?

Who else would handle the gravity of death
giving it purpose, celebration and joy ?

Who else ?


Cami said...

Ah, I know Who, thank God, I know Who! : )

Thank you for expressing this, Keith. So beautiful, so wonderful; He turns all negatives to postive.

Carol said...

Just so beautiful....