Wednesday, November 08, 2006



I see you,
strange tree
tangled in colour
smelling of flowers
and poisons.
I feel a throb in talloned touch,
an eccentric pulsing beat
not branch sway perch
to windy beckoning.
Your whispered hoots
a Babled alien tongue.
You have no beak,
nor wing
you are a bizarre creation.
I see you,
my eyes kaleidoscoping
your essence,
but I do not know
if you should draw my fear.

1 comment:

Francine said...

Keith ... I love coming here, I never know what I'll find and it's nice to be surprised. I love owls. We have several nexting in trees near our house. I am intrigued as I listen to their conversation ... each one hooting their separate identities. Another of God's creations that fill me with wonder.