Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Autumn steals

Autumn steals the senses,
a crisp-gripping brightness
in the playground of leaves.
Trees loft light-show
of dying greens,
transparent yellows,
and polishings of bronze.
Impatient, tomorrow waits,
its cloak of unshading empty branches
a chilling call to winter,
fleeting days, dragging nights.
A dried leaf shuffle scoots on infrequent breezes.
Birds gossip, gathering on platform limbs
waiting for their flight to be called.
The ghost of Summer smiles
in its new apparel
a golden expression
enjoying the temporary calm.
Menace understates an insinuation of Winter.


Cami said...

"a golden expression"...yes, this is autumn. : )

Francine said...

Keith ... for one who doesn't get the "full affect" of autumn, your photo and words take me back to my childhood where autumn was glorious. Thanks for the memory.