Monday, September 04, 2006

Ely Cathedral

photo: Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral 2006

The flagship of the fens
centuries sentinel
a proclamation of faith.
This is not stolid stone nor stoic spire
to tombstone death
with “Here lies religion”.
This is mason’s pageant
to regal majesty,
artist’s eye and hand
in harmony
and awe.
Henry’s dark angels,
wind and rain, conspire
to crumble and disfigure,
continuing his legacy of decay.

The way of the cross
remains the pathway to life.
This sign in stone
preaches to pasture
and uplifted eye.


I.I. said...

You have such good fortune to live in a land which such majestic cathedrals and chapels, where the building itself speaks to the glory of god. I love my church and it does much good work, but it looks like a suburban office park.

Cami said...

In our town, the Episcopalians have a stone edifice that has to be at least 150 years old, if not older, and it is incredible. Although the subject of Keith's beautiful sonnet undoubtedly has a great deal more history to boast! I did notice the mention of Henry... ; )