Thursday, August 31, 2006



A hand scribes a signature
on momentary skies,
ethereal poetry
ambrosia taste-burst
for earth-bound eyes.
Each new line a blink away.
Sometimes peacefully whispering
a witness of white
on a ceaseless blue page;
occasionally anger wraithing its way
an unstoppable tidal surging
in warring malevolent greys.
Our graffiti trails infiltrate,
dispersing in evaporative moments,
glimpsed only by the wandering
and chancing of an upward glance.

Night comes
bringing a darker canvass,
a new palette of woven shadows.

The heavens are telling.


Francine said...

Keith I continue to be amazed at how you weave words and images together. Truly God's hand is on you.

jel said...

That is Very Awesome!

I.I. said...

Do you find the pictures frist, then write, or do you write first, then find the pictures?

Keith said...

Some are picture "inspired" some have the pictures tagged on. And the pictures are all mine - though some get a tad manipulated.

Cami said...

Ditto to what Francine and Jel said; and I'm glad to know the answer to Prof's question. I had been wondering... ; )