Friday, July 07, 2006

Seven seven 06

Seven seven 06
Fifty two weeks on
Fifty two incomplete journeys
Fifty two flowers with broken stems
Fifty two multiples of hurt
Fifty two severed arteries
Fifty two vacuuming darknesses
Fifty two shared rivers of tears
Fifty two bindings for open wounds
Fifty two opportunities to forgive
Fifty two new stories
Fifty two weeks on

7/7/06 a year on from the bombings in London that took 52 lives and affected so many others.
52 words in the poem,
52 branches cut early,
countless injured people those who were physically caught up in it and those who have torn hearts because of it.
52 more reasons for love to prevail over hate.

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Miss Audrey said...


This was sad, but beautiful. Eme me and let me know about Emmy. (Emma)