Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Red and black

Red and black.

Sin scarlet and demon black
we push our way from disturbed soil.
We uncurl at the beckoning of light
and furl when darkness cloaks.
We make our statement
bold over quiet greens and earth greys
you will notice us.
Creatures of wing will dance to our desire.
Then when hoarse with shouting
we weaken and shatter at merest touch
of tickling breeze,
littering the ground with petal coverlets
until tomorrows haughty laughter steals us away.


Rita L. Betti said...

Hey Keith,

I love that poem. We had Chinese Poppies in our yard in Washinton (state) and they were magnificent. I took many photos and even have a large one I painted in oil in my living room. I wish we could grow them here is Arizona but alas at 105+ temperatures at this time of the year, I fear they'd never make it.

Francine said...

Keith ... I really need to remind myself to visit your blog on a regular basis. Your inspiration in photographs and words is just awesome. What a blessing.

I'm getting ready to update my website and plan to add photos as well.

Have you ever considered an inspiration book of your photos and verse? You probably have been working in that direction and I'm asking a dumb question. lol

Thanks for your faithfulness.

Francine aka writegirl