Friday, May 12, 2006

Turn, turn, turn.

Turn, turn, turn.

On the turning of a wheel
another wheel turns.
A mountain finds a valley
and its shadow does the same
repeating repeating.
One movement stimulates another
motion within motion
wheel within a wheel
and a crack begins to appear.
The damming is breached.
The whisper of water
speaks its way beyond the boundary
searching the dryness with its dampening glaze.
And the turning continues
and the crack evolves
and the whisper becomes a shout
and the glaze evolves.
And the turning continues.
Mountain on valley, mountain on valley.
The shouting whisper silences all rustly groans of turning.
The escaping glaze pushes deeper into an unknown.
And, unknowing,
moves a paddle, turns a wheel
leads a valley to a mountain.

1 comment:

Miss Audrey said...


That was interesting. I'll have to read it again to totally understand it. I liked the play in words. I look forward to seeing what all is in your blog when I get a few minutes. Right now I'm out the door to the ball game. Take care!