Tuesday, May 02, 2006



Brash galaxy of light and noise
screaming with children
burned with laughter and tears;
muscled pumping engines
manipulating gaudy chandeliers.
The Cinderella of night is pushed
from this mud-clad tent of tight excitement.

Pungent nasal assailment of diesel fume and candy floss;
odourous cocktail.
Sharp shots of sparkled static pierce battlefield ears
as yesterday's brassy pop-masters
fumble, in integrated deadlock, to claim attention.

Spinning webs of red and yellow blur,
devour the gullible in a vortex of speed,
a frenzy of vertigo,
the web relaxes its grip
releasing its catch, spun dry of cries.

A gentle-giant unicycle stirs through the air
reaching up into brief breaths of high fresh darkness,
stroking the sky
which will cast its silence, again,
in the forge of night.


Rita L. Betti said...

Waht a beautiful poem . . . full of color and sound and action. The images are wonderful.

C Schaal said...

Knowing, from your postings on CW that you hold a church ministry position, I find your poetry engaging. Many of us find, I am sure, little time to write other than what is required of us professionaly - sermons, Bible lessons, newsletter articles, press releases and the like. I am sure this outlet (the blog)helps keep you sharp. Thanks for adding to the body of literature.

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