Friday, July 06, 2018

A kiss would change

Should I have kissed you as we shared the dawning ? 
There was no-one around
to view our secret assignation,
our tryst in the coolness of the morning.
We would have changed,
by the brushing of our lips,
the touch of skin to skin.

But you are not ugly or deformed,
you are as you should be
unique, alert ,
not without charm or intrigue,
and change is not always better.
A kiss would have changed all that.

Maybe you prefer to avoid
the upright two-legged
bluster, that is our daily rote.
True, you wander dangers of your own,
deadly paths, ignorant of mortgages
taxes and supermarkets.
A kiss would have changed all that.

And imagine my disappointment
if my kiss had been inadequate
and your refusal
had made the change
in me.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

I suppose it would solidify your conviction that I'm just plain weird if I told you this poem caused a slight blurring of my vision. Love it, as usual.