Thursday, September 21, 2017

A last kiss

What will be our last kiss?

A Judas kiss,
armed and dangerous,
ambushing us unawares
in vicious kidnap.

A Joyous kiss,
as you or I slide softly
between death’s sheets
shedding pain with the old skin
and into the warm embrace
of refreshment.

A Jealous kiss,
of envy,
as you escape the captivity of now,
with its cages and caverns,
for the eternity behind the curtain.

A Joining kiss
that embraces
both of us with its fusion
and pairs us in an everlasting marriage
that death ‘doth NOT part’.
More than the conjoining of limbs
and the probing of love,
more than the selfish satisfaction
of a moment.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

Good grief, Keith! This is purely what poetry is meant to do. Poetry is to prose what wine is to grapes. This is powerful stuff.