Saturday, September 24, 2016

There are stairways

                                                                                                        There are stairways,
                                                                              like kisses,
                                                                                       that reach beyond reach -
                                                                                         that touch the very vastness of love.
                                        There are kisses,
                     like stairways,
                     that lead beyond sight -
                 never sufficient, never enough.
                                                          There are kisses for ‘up’,
                                                  there are kisses for ‘down’
                                         there are stairs of obsession
                                 that lead to your frown;
                        there are kisses that lighten
                like stars in the night
      and stairways of darkness
that obliterate light.
      And a thousand stepped tomorrows
                                       with choices to make,
                                with kisses as lanterns to guide.
                                              A thousand kissed footsteps
                                                                     and unsteady steps
                                                  and a thousand more stairways untried.
                                                                                             There are kisses
                                                                                                               like kisses
                                                                                                   and stairways
                                                                                          just stairs
                                                                              we must tread them both softly
                                                                     with wide open eyes.

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