Thursday, September 29, 2016

I never left you behind

You are old and dusty,
and rusting in the distant past,
grey and cobwebbed
in the backstory,
adjusted by the sepia romance
of time’s manipulation.
Like a well remembered dog
you creep up in the silent moments
and rub against me
with remembrance,
a ghost of reality.
Triggered by a passing aroma
of grease in some other workshop,
or a spark of welding arc,
half remembered jokes
and the phantom laugh of long gone friends,
you explode, or leap from the shadows.
Then, as if recalled by a manufacturing fault,
you are gone from my grasp
into that shade of your birth
and wait for the fuse to burn again.
Silent again, in the dumb deafness of now
I never left you behind
for you were in the making
with your clamour and noise
and the taste of oil.

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