Wednesday, October 07, 2015

the downside

View from Dunstable Downs September 2015

Looking beyond the vista,
what lies in ambush
for these harvested fields,
this patchwork of history ?

Who's children will gaze
in gratitude at pastoral greenery,
this flagship of peace ?

Or who will grimace
at a prospect of factory-farmed rooftops,
through the mist of exhaust fumes -
shading their eyes
from solar-panel shinery
and the scything of wind farms
slicing the air like other butchers?

When the myth of 'affordable' homes
lies beneath this same soil,
unicorns in graves
the gardens of the affluent,
who will 'admire' this view.

We, as giants, see
the green and pleasant history,
and fear the unfulfilling
spread of brickery. 

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