Thursday, July 16, 2015

the ferryman

The parable of the ferryman
begins with security,
a hawser stretched
from bank to bank,
from here to there,
from going to coming.
The sure connection
of the ferryman
the only link
between the passengers
and the surety
of safe passage.
One mediator
between the argument
of current
and the shore of destination.
There is no luck involved,
no spin of die or toss of coin,
but selfless dedication
to the task in hand.
Life may be the river
coursing across our bows
with curses
the thief of souls.
The ferryman
is our salvation.

The ferry across the Wye at Symonds Yat (in the picture) consists of a punt type boat which is drawn across the river by the boatman hand over hand on a wire stretched from bank to bank. He steers the boat with his feet, compensating for the flow of the river - quite a feat of skill.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this one - had to share on twitter. Good stuff.