Saturday, March 21, 2015

32. do I still bleed

Rampant ogres stalk the weak
their argument of armament
too wild for dialogue
and decaying peace
lies forlorn like broken bodies
littered on a battlefield.
Do I still bleed ?

A cyclone blows its ugly breath
and unbridled sea purges the land
leaving its salty tongue in wells and waterways.
Villages are levelled, homes destroyed.
Do I still bleed ?

Adolescence is stolen
by manipulative groomers
ploughing forbidden furrows
and planting guilt and fear.
Justice and youth raped
in equal measure.
Do I still bleed ?

Disease in uneasy warfare
targets the dark continent,
families huddle spawning in ignorance.
Children suckle empty breasts,
bloody tears are not confined to eyes.

Do I ?


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