Wednesday, February 04, 2015

It was never meant to be permanent

There’s a dancing light colouring the sky,
its crayon lining cosmetics
an eye liner eye-grabber
beyond the prisming rain.
It fades as the snappers dilute it
with their camera-phones -
the paraphernalia of instants.
It was never meant
to be permanent,
but now lies captured
and repeated at whims
on screens.
The beauty stays in that moment -    
the conversation of eye and sky    
the penetration of light    
and the intimacy   
of seeing.   



Richard Hubbard said...

I really like this one, Keith. Your excellent imagination conjured a new way of seeing the Rainbow of God! :-)

mamas*little*treasures said...

Love this one! Well, actually love all of your poetry . . . . but we were just reading about God's covenant with Noah and the sign of the rainbow this morning. I'll post this one on the Ruby blog right now! Thanks for sharing, Nina