Tuesday, February 24, 2015

7. love

Unfurling, like petals,
the sighs of love
from well defined bud
in the loves of youth,
to the soft and flowing
of its flowering.

Do not cut from its stem,
from the bindings
of promise,
do not neglect to feed
and nurture with affection.
Do not forget its root
the example it must follow,
or plant in shallow soil
where it will starve
for lack of touch.
Do not pot it
nor place it in a bouquet,
do not make it a valentine
for a day
where it will haemorrhage its colour
and bleed its life.

Shelter it from the blistering
of heat,
the lust of gales
and biting of frost.
Place it in the kissing
of the sun
and the caress of gentle breeze.

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