Friday, January 09, 2015

Covenant: Unequal partners

Covenant: unequal partners.

We do not come as equal partners
to this commune of peace,
this axis of eternity,
as year and life turn again.
Neither do we come
clothed in the chains and shame
of the vanquished or enslaved,
for we were not commanded here.
The might and power of Him who created
all from nothing,
universes from void,
does not demand our presence.
We are drawn here by a Father’s love,
by the breath of life spoken into dust.
We are invited here by a brother’s sacrifice
when all else had fallen upon closed souls.
Pain-filled sin is healed herein
by comforter and friend;
the only scar left in the passing -
a signature on the outstretched hand
of God.
This pact of peace,
this restoring act of covenant,
this indelible love
written on the fragile parchment
of fallible hearts,
is the autograph
of Spirit.

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