Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lent 1: We had time.

Easters were different then,
less complicated.
We had time.

Oh, they were foil-wrapped chocolate days,
funny bunny special days,
pipe-cleaner Easter chicks days.
They were days spent at Auntie’s,
an annual jaunt to the sea,
racing up the zig-zag path
to beat the cliff lift.
The first ice-creams of the year
sheltering on the prom
watching the waves.
Waving at the ‘Bournemouth Belle’
as it thundered
nose in the air
through the smoke
at the bottom of the garden,
or watching the lights from evening trains
parade across the bedroom wall.
We had time.

But there was no
163 day supermarket build up,
no Easter egg materialization
in the fading of Christmas decorations
and the half-price Christmas cards.
There was no parade of bunnies
changing of the guard
with shepherds and kings.
We had time. 


Squibzy / Richard Hubbard said...

Amazing! I had just finished emailing my church-home-group leader about not having enough time any more (even though I'm retired!), and I go to Facebook and find this new poem of yours... So true!

M. L. Archer said...